All you need to run a successful F&B business

Sell on multiple channels and run your own loyalty programme, all via one powerful platform.
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A faster, safer, and more secure way to order and pay via Beep QR Order

  • 100% contactless ordering and payment
  • Lower labour costs and minimised risk of human error as you won't need to take orders manually
  • Higher table turnover, which means you'll get to increase your sales and revenue
  • Update your menu with just one click
  • Collect customer data and rewards seamlessly
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Give your customers a reason to return and spend more with Beep Cashback

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Hear from our happy customers 

"The MCO really hit us hard. We lost over 90% in sales immediately. When Beep Delivery was launched, we jumped on board immediately. It is really easy to set up. We can fulfill an entire day's orders in a contactless manner. Our team is safe while keeping customers happy."

Assistant Manager of Kinme Sashimi Bar and Grill

❤️  Favourite Features:

  • Fully integrated F&B operations
  • Beep Delivery 
  • Beep QR Order

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All you need is ONE powerful system to manage dine-in and delivery orders

  • No staff training needed
  • No sign-up forms needed
  • No persuading and explaining to customers

Here's how it works

"We were really struggling to get sales during the quarantine. Our sales dropped to 15% of our average revenue. When StoreHub launched Beep Delivery, we immediately implemented it and our online sales are even higher than what we used to make even before the quarantine!"

Founder of IDC Cafe

❤️  Favourite Features:

  • SMS top-spending customers
  • Membership Loyalty Program
  • Beep Delivery

Tried and Tested by 15,000+ businesses

StoreHub's All-In-One Restaurant Management System is PERFECT for F&B businesses owners who...

  • Have a physical store serving dine-in customers, and are ready to expand online ahead of the new normal

  • Want to optimise operations and instead focus on sales and marketing 

  • Want to save money and time spent on managing multiple food marketplaces, software and tools to keep the business going

  • Want to know customers better by collecting their data without making them fill up long and boring forms

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A food delivery platform that charges you way less than 35% in transaction fees

  • Lower transaction fees compared to other food delivery marketplaces
  • Access to your very own customer database that can be used to engage with customers and generate more revenue
  • Our ecosystem allows you to automate the entire ordering process for both you and your customers, which means more time will be saved

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A single POS system to power your dine-in operations

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  • Composite inventory to help you keep track of stocks and ingredients
  • Auto-alert when you run out of stock
  • Works even without WiFi connection
  • Automate operations and reduce manpower costs
  • Collect customer data and turn them into repeat buyers
  • Detailed sales reports so you can make better business decisions

Build your own membership or loyalty programme:

All your customers have to do is to (1) Scan the QR code on the receipt, (2) Key in their phone number, (3) Receive their Cashback. 

It's THAT simple!

"After enabling Beep Order and Beep Cashback, we realised that my customers are more receptive to placing their second and third orders after their meals as opposed to before. It has contributed significantly to our sales!"

Datin Christine

Director of Brickhouse

❤️  Favourite Features:

  • Beep Cashback for higher revenue
  • Beep QR Order
  • Beep Delivery