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80% of business owners wish they had their customers' info

Let us show you how you can generate more sales, build your customer database & automate your biz operations

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Get your customers to return & spend more with a simple cashback loyalty program

  • Grow your business by 30% next month
    Businesses that run a loyalty program see an average of 30% more sales than those who don’t.

  • No staff training required
    Our loyalty program is powered by your receipt so there is no need for your staff to do anything!

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Grow your sales.

Build a customer database.

Automate your business operations.

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Retailers & restauranteurs we surveyed revealed that they do not collect customer information because

  • Customers hate long sign up forms
  • Their counter staff don't persuade customers
  • They don't know what to offer customers in exchange for info.

It doesn't have to be this way.

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Send purchase orders to suppliers from your BackOffice

Built-in customer loyalty & promotions 

Monitor employee clock-in & individual sales

Powerful business analytics for your store

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Run your business even when there's no WiFi

Build your customer list easily

50% of your customers will give you their info with this feature.

Customer pays & receives a receipt with your QR code

Customer scans QR code to reveal cashback

Customer keys in phone number to claim cashback

With 20+ features to help you automate your business operations

No credit card required.