All you need to run your F&B business

Sell in-store, online, let your customers self-order, cashback and loyalty ...
30+ features, 1 system, 1 price!

Cashless payments and Contactless ordering with Beep QR Order

  • Print and place QR code on your tables or counter
  • Save manpower & hiring budget as your employees don't need to take orders manually
  • Allow customers to add more items or reorder from the comfort of their seat
  • Update your menu anytime with just one click
  • Shorten waiting time so you can serve more customers
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Give your customers reasons to spend more with Beep Cashback

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Here's what our happy customers say 

"Thanks to StoreHub, our business operations have become more efficient. StoreHub gives us the flexibility to adjust our products, manage our employees as well as to create promotions. We are glad to be using StoreHub as part of our continuous success."

Hayb Anzures
Founder of West Town's Coffee

❤️  Favourite Features:

  • Fully integrated F&B operations
  • Employee management
  • In-store promotion

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Manage dine-in and online orders in ONE Powerful system

  • No staff training 
  • No sign-up forms 
  • No persuading and explaining to customers

"After using StoreHub, a lot has changed, if not everything. The employees, the staff, they're all more efficient now, they are more energetic with work because they get to focus on the important stuff."

Founder of Acustica Bistro

❤️  Favourite Features:

  • SMS top-spending customers
  • Fully integrated F&B operations
  • Membership Loyalty Program

Tried and Tested by 15,000+ businesses

StoreHub's all-in-1 Restaurant Management System is PERFECT for cafes and restaurants  when you...

  • Have a physical store and want to sell online with only 1 system 

  • Want to automate operations flow so you can focus on getting more sales

  • Want to save money from paying 30% to food marketplaces and multiple software & tools to run your F&B business

  • Get more loyal customers for more return sales without filling up long and boring forms and giving out flyers

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Food delivery that is easy to setup and won't cost you 30%

  • Pay 50% LESS transaction fee compared to other food delivery marketplaces
  • Deliver up to 20km, the rest covers only 3-5km
  • Fully-integrated logistics so you don't worry about finding riders for your orders
  • Get your own website link to promote
  • Fast & safe payment options: Credit card, online banking, ewallets
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Powerful POS system to handle all your day-to-day operations

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  • Know your best selling item and filter by day, week, month 
  • Make quick orders to suppliers & identify deadstock before they expire
  • View & manage store remotely anytime, anywhere in real-time
  • Know your low periods and set up promotions

Build your own membership or loyalty programme with

What your customers have to do is to (1) Scan the QR code at the receipt, (2) Key in their number, (3) Get their Cashback and come back to spend more!

"After enabling Beep QR Order and Beep Cashback, we realised that my customers are more receptive to placing their second and third orders after their meals as opposed to before. It has contributed a significant bit to our sales!"


Director of Brickhouse

❤️  Favourite Features:

  • Beep Cashback for higher revenue
  • Beep QR Order
  • Beep Delivery

*Integrated with Beep QR Order! 

Not suitable for Sari-sari and home-based business*

Not hiring riders at the moment*

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All your orders are automatically sent to kitchen to help manage dine-in, takeaways & deliveries

Get onboarded in 48 hours!

2-3 days Working Days Hardware Delivery

Free Online Training

*Only for customers in Metro Manila

Learn how to set up your menu, market your store and start selling!

A comprehensive suite of solutions made for your F&B business

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Manage Foodpanda orders
in the StoreHub's POS Systems 

Say goodbye to multiple order processing systems as we are now fully integrated with FoodPanda. StoreHub lets you manage multiple orders across different food delivery services in one place.